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The National Anti-Doping Commission (NADC) was established by the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) and Barbados Government in March 2000, with the objective of acting as the independent Anti-Doping Organization for Barbados, the NADC has the necessary authority and responsibility for:

Education & Awareness


Education helps athletes and support personnel understand the goal of providing fair and honest competition, as well as their rights and responsibilities in regards to drug testing and what to expect from the drug testing process. NADC believes that a long-term solution to preventing doping is through effective values-based education programs that can foster anti-doping behaviors and create a strong anti-doping culture.

Drug Testing

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

NADC provides a thorough drug testing program, with policies and procedures in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code, the WADA International Standards. From test planning and collection of a urine or blood sample through the results management process.